Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Tega's Legohead Cake

A Lego themed cake baked for a little boy's 8th birthday. There was a combination of four flavours in all.
The lego head was made from our malted vanilla milk cake and moist and fluffy coconut madeira.
The malted vanilla cake was filled and crumb coated with white chocolate ganache-vanilla buttercream, while the coconut cake was crumb coated with coconut buttercream.

It was them covered with yellow sugarpaste and decorated with lego bricks.
The cupcakes were vanilla and chocolate flavours. They were topped with a swirl of chocolate ganache-buttercream and edible lego bricks and faces; making the entire cakes yummily edible.

Other flavours and coverings on offer can be found here.
Wishing Tega many happy returns.

Chisor's Birthday Cake

This was made for a little girl's 1st birthday.
It was a combination of our scrumptious red velvet and delectably yummy vanilla madeira.

Both layers were filled and crumb-coated with heavenly vanilla buttercream-white chocolate ganache. It was then covered with white sugarpaste and decorated sugarpaste bow, as well as minnie mouse ears.
Another picture below:

Wishing Chisor many happy returns. 
Please check here for other flavours and coverings.

Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Mothers' Day Cake

This was made for all the women in my church to celebrate mothers' day.

The bottom tier was made from our fluffyly moist and delectable pink velvet madeira, while the top was our yummy and ever so pupular vanilla madeira. Both tiers were crumb-coated with luxurious white chocolate ganache-vanilla buttercream, before covering with white sugarpaste.

Edible decorations of flowers, ribbon and sugar balls were then added, making the cake all yummily edible.
Click here for other flavours and covers on offer.

Here's wishing all our women a very happy mothers's day.