Saturday, 18 April 2015

Leroy's Birthday Cake

This 2-tier cake was made for a six-year old power rangers fan. A sumptuously moist coconut cake for the top tier and delicious vanilla madeira for the buttom.

The coconut madeira was filled with a combination of raspberry jam and coconut buttercream. It was also crumb coated with the coconut buttercream before covering with red sugarpaste.
While the buttom vanilla cake was filled and crumb coated with creamy vanilla buttercream, before covering with yellow-tinted sugarpaste.
Both were then decorated with edible power ranger images; making the entire cake yummily edible.

Though this cake came in coconut and vanilla, other flavours on offer can be found here.
Wishing Leroy a happy belated birthday.

Enjoy! And please drop your comments.