Saturday, 30 August 2014

Travis' Birthday Cake

Like a lot of little boys, Travis is a big fan of Thomas the Tank. Little wonder he chose it for his birthday party theme.

 His cake was made from our marble madeira, which is a combination of our heavenly belgian chocolate and sumptuous vanilla madeira. It was filled with chocolate buttercream and crumb-coated with our vanilla buttercream icing.
 We then covered with fondant, decorated the top with an edible picture of Thomas and finished off with buttercream borders.

Our other flavours and coverings can be found here
Another picture below:

Wishing Travis a very happy birthday and many happy returns.
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Sunday, 24 August 2014

Bayo's Birthday Cake

The cake featured was ordered by a friend for another friend of hers, to celebrate his birthday.

A two-toned cake made out of our velvety smooth red velvet and sumptuous vanilla madeira, this cake can only be described as heavenly.
It was filled and crumb-coated with rich, luxurious buttercream before covering with blue-tinted fondant icing.
Decorative stars were cut out of fondant and the look completed with an organza ribbon.

Our other flavours can be found here.

Thank you Funmi, wishing Bayo a happy birthday and many happy returns.
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Thursday, 21 August 2014

Kemie's Chocolate Wonder

I christened this cake chocolate wonder because that is exactly what it is. It was ordered by a sister for her dear hubby (dh in someone's voice, lol) to mark his birthday.

The cake itself was made from our heavenly chocolate madeira, then crumb coated and filled with chocolate buttercream, before glacing over in belgian chocolate ganache. The cigarellos were then individually attached in a unique display of white and milk chocolate. Though made in chocolate, you can find our other flavours here.

I join you in wishing dh a happy birthday and many happy returns.
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Abosede's Cake

This cake was ordered by a friend to mark her boo's birthday.

Made from our sumptuous and ever so moist vanilla madeira, it was filled and crumb-coated with rich buttercream, before covering with fondant.
The decorative hearts were cut out of fondant and the border piped in buttercream.
Though this came in vanilla, you have a choice of flavours or combination of flavours .

Another picture below:

Wishing Lanre a very happy birthday and many happy returns.
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Monday, 18 August 2014

Daniella & Gregory's Cakes

The cakes featured were for my son's friend and his sister's christening. They came in three flavours as requested by their mum.

We had the rich fruit cake, laced with brandy, our moist and sumptuous red velvet and our heavenly ever-so-popular vanilla madeira.
The madeiras were filled and crumb-coated with rich creamy buttercream and all cakes were covered with baby blue/ pink-tinted fondant icing.
All the booties, bows, ribbon and feet were hand-crafted from fondant; making every bit of the cakes so yummily edible.

A couple more pictures below:

A big congrats to Gregory and Daniella on their christening.
Enjoy! And please drop your comments.

Monday, 4 August 2014

Naomi's 18th Birthday Cake

Was my niece's 18th birthday on Friday and we decided on a Chanel purse cake for her.
The purse itself was carved out of a six-inch vanilla Madeira and she requested for a red velvet base. Both were filled and crumb-coated in rich coconut-flavoured buttercream and covered with fondant. The Chanel logo was cut out of fondant and both the purse and base were decorated with edible diamonds.

Her cake is featured below:

Here's wishing her a very happy birthday and many happy returns.
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