Thursday, 2 January 2014

Our Cakes

Specially made to your requirements with the finest organic ingredients,  we offer a range of flavours including:

* Vanilla Madeira
* Chocolate Madeira
* Marble Madeira (combination of vanilla & chocolate OR vanilla & red velvet flavours)
* Red Velvet
* Rich Fruit
* Cinnamon & Almond flavored Madeira
* Malted Vanilla Milk Cake
* Carrot and walnut
* Banana & Almonds
* Coconut
* Purple Velvet
* Pink Velvet
* Azure Velvet
* White Chocolate Mud Cake

Decorations & Icing

Whichever you prefer, we offer the following coverings:
* Vanilla butter-cream (frosting)
* Malted vanilla buttercream
* Almond-flavoured butter cream (almond frosting)
* Chocolate butter-cream (chocolate frosting)
* Mocha buttercream
* Coconut buttercream
* Fondant/ Sugarpaste
* Chocolate Cigarillos
* Modelling Chocolate

Here's a fondant-covered one i made for my son's 3rd birthday last September. In the night garden is one of his favorite TV programs 

This cake was a combination of vanilla and chocolate flavour; crumb-coated with butter-cream  then the blue fondant icing. Yellow beads were piped out of butter cream.


  1. This cake u made for giovanni was out of this world, wish I could hav d whole lot, but my waist ain't gonna like that. Good job, keep it up

  2. I love this, so beautiful! I'd like something like this for lily's next birthday

  3. Wow! I'm sure ur boy was over the moon when he saw this cake, his friends must envy him