Thursday, 9 January 2014

Chocolate-Iced Cakes

For chocolate lovers, we offer a chocolate covering in place of fondant or butter cream.
Chocolate icing / covering can either be in the form of plaques or cigarillos (basically chocolate sticks or cigarettes) and comes in the dark, milk or white varieties.

 Your cake is initially iced in our sumptuous butter cream icing and the cigarillos or plaques added on.
Again the cake itself can be any of our yummy flavours:
 Vanilla Madeira
* Chocolate Madeira
* Marble Madeira (combination of vanilla & chocolate)
* Red Velvet
* Rich Fruit

* Banana & Almonds

Another picture below

Enjoy! and don't forget to add your comments


  1. They both look very nice, I want some already, lol

  2. Me I love chocolate die, these one no be here. U doing a good job, more grease

  3. Had some of the first one, very tasty, would recommend it any day

  4. Both look so good, am so ordering, any excuse for a celebration!

  5. Out of this world, mwaaah!

  6. It looks yummmy.