Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Micky Mouse Cake

Just like it's female counterpart, Micky mouse has been an all time favorite for little boys. Presenting itself in cakes, clothing, learning materials etc.

The cake above was a combination of two flavours; the top tier being our ever succulent red velvet Madeira, while the bottom one was made from our heavenly vanilla Madeira.
It was then crumb-coated and filled with butter cream to give a rich, smooth taste, before covering in fondant. Though this comes in red velvet and vanilla, your cake can be custom-made in any of our flavours or combination of flavours. Click here  to view available flavours
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Friday, 24 January 2014

More From Our Gallery

Most little girls love the minnie mouse character; making the cake an all time favourite, appearing in all shapes and sizes.

This cake was made from a combination of our moist and sumptuous vanilla madeira and our heavenly belgian chocolate madeira flavours.
We then crumb-coated in butter cream to give a rich and luxurious taste, before covering in fondant. Your cake can be made in any of our flavours or combination of flavours mentioned HERE
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Sunday, 19 January 2014

OreOluwa's New Year Cake

Made this for my niece Ore to welcome the new year. Like a lot of little girls her age, she's a big fan of the 'hello kitty' cartoon character so we thought we'd go with that.

Made from our sumptuous and moist vanilla madeira, one of our most popular flavours. We filled and crumb-coated it in butter cream giving it a richer and creamier feel. The cake was then covered in chocolate flavoured fondant icing and borders piped in butter ceam.

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Monday, 13 January 2014

Death by Chocolate

We present to you our sumptuous "Death by Chocolate" cake. Three layers of moist Belgian chocolate Madeira separated by vanilla butter cream, this cake can only be described as heavenly. Covered in chocolate butter cream and generous amounts of crushed almonds, this is a taste you're bound to remember for a long time.
The vanilla butter cream swirling on top gives a definite contrast to this cake, whilst the filling creates an attractive two-toned effect upon cutting.
Check out the inside 

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Thursday, 9 January 2014

Chocolate-Iced Cakes

For chocolate lovers, we offer a chocolate covering in place of fondant or butter cream.
Chocolate icing / covering can either be in the form of plaques or cigarillos (basically chocolate sticks or cigarettes) and comes in the dark, milk or white varieties.

 Your cake is initially iced in our sumptuous butter cream icing and the cigarillos or plaques added on.
Again the cake itself can be any of our yummy flavours:
 Vanilla Madeira
* Chocolate Madeira
* Marble Madeira (combination of vanilla & chocolate)
* Red Velvet
* Rich Fruit

* Banana & Almonds

Another picture below

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Monday, 6 January 2014

Our Cakes II

Not a fan of fondant icing? Why not try our luxurious butter cream icing.
Also referred to as frosting, our butter cream comes in vanilla or chocolate flavours; to suit different tastes.

Check the cake below out

Iced in Belgian chocolate butter cream and topped with fondant bows, this will definitely wow! your guests and keep them going back for more.

Thursday, 2 January 2014

Our Cakes

Specially made to your requirements with the finest organic ingredients,  we offer a range of flavours including:

* Vanilla Madeira
* Chocolate Madeira
* Marble Madeira (combination of vanilla & chocolate OR vanilla & red velvet flavours)
* Red Velvet
* Rich Fruit
* Cinnamon & Almond flavored Madeira
* Malted Vanilla Milk Cake
* Carrot and walnut
* Banana & Almonds
* Coconut
* Purple Velvet
* Pink Velvet
* Azure Velvet
* White Chocolate Mud Cake

Decorations & Icing

Whichever you prefer, we offer the following coverings:
* Vanilla butter-cream (frosting)
* Malted vanilla buttercream
* Almond-flavoured butter cream (almond frosting)
* Chocolate butter-cream (chocolate frosting)
* Mocha buttercream
* Coconut buttercream
* Fondant/ Sugarpaste
* Chocolate Cigarillos
* Modelling Chocolate

Here's a fondant-covered one i made for my son's 3rd birthday last September. In the night garden is one of his favorite TV programs 

This cake was a combination of vanilla and chocolate flavour; crumb-coated with butter-cream  then the blue fondant icing. Yellow beads were piped out of butter cream.