Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Recent Cakes

A couple of my basket weave designs, the top one was piped out of Butter cream, while the one below is fondant icing and was made for the Christmas party at my son's nursery.

* All parts of these cakes are edible* enjoy, will be back later with more images from my gallery


  1. Wow, these are so nice! Had a large piece of the top one, so sumptuous. Its my birthday soon, will be in touch

  2. Very beautiful, the design was so nice and prominent. Very moist and tasty as well

  3. They are both very nice, will keep am eye on your site

  4. Just caught ur blog from stellaD. I love cakes so I love ur blog already. I'm a disciple so count me in he he !!!Beautiful cakes btw. I'm cravin one.

    1. Thanks, I'm just starting to add content though, so please bear with me.

  5. I remember d blue cake from d Xmas party. Had some and it tasted so nice and moist, wanted to go back for seconds but met an empty tray, all was gone